Supplier Directory

The company has hundred manufacturers information of honest business for several years or even decades in Taiwan list below, if it’s business meets the operational needs of your company who will be happy to refer you.

In addition to the vendors listed below, you can also directly commissioned by the company, for you to seek good in quality and technical, honest business of suppliers, please contact the Taiwan office.

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Company Name Supply of Goods / Services
Kuan Pao Manufacture of rubber and silicon gel products for bicycle, automotive and mechanical parts.
Keyflow Design and manufacture of pumps.
Locksmith Manufacture of hardwares and accessories for truck.
Hsin An Manufacture of metal components for facings.
E’dale manufacturing and sales of molding compounds for the semiconductor manufacturing.
Yon Yu Manufacture of plugs, sockets and switches.
Weyes Processing of optical coating treatment.
C.H.T. Plastic Extrusion and Vacuum Electroplating of Automotive and Motorcycle lamps and Electric Products.
Jin Taiwan Manufacture of Polycarbonate (PC) Sheet.
Jenn Shyn Manufacture of water filter and purify system.
Guan Cherng Shing Stamping and Pressing Process of Metal Parts.
Shyang Sheng The design and manufacture of molds and plastic injection products.
Apogee Production of Optical Filters.
Ting Shyang Hang Design and Manufacture of Label Sticker and Emblem Printing.
Weli Manufacture of screws and metal hardwares.
Ji Ying Manufacture of injection plastic products.
Mi Sing Manufacture of metal work pieces.
Hs-Tech Processing of glass sealing and hermetic packaging for electronic components.
HCC The production of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene)and SAN (Acrylonitrile Styrene Copolymer).
Allen The Manufacture of plastic packing materials.
Hua Lin Manufacture of Plastic Injection Products.
Shine Warmth Process of machining and maintenance of metal molds.
Duu Ling Manufacture of steel case and steel crate for packing use.
Aeon Design and manufacture of motorcycle, ATV and parts.
Ping Tech Manufacture of light metal castings.
Chiao Tai Manufacture of aluminum extrusion hardware, tube and parts, aluminum alloy cabinets, shelves, cupboards and tea carts.
Caware Design and manufacture of water purify system.
Ambarella Design and manufacture of low power, high definition video compression and image processing ICs.
SAN TAI Manufacture of stamping metal parts for automobile.
Kuan Mei Manufacture of Plastic Mold, Injection Products for Motorcycle; Motorcycle and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Parts & Accessories Assembly.
Chen Li Manufacture of forging products and machining parts for car, motorcycle, track work and hardware.
South Design, Manufacture and Sales of Plastic Articles for Food Packing.
Win-Win Provision of S.M.T. (Surface Mount Technology), D.I.P. (Dual in Line Package), and Printed Circuit Board Testing and Package Process.
Kao Ren Manufacture of bubble wraps/bags for packing of goods.
Antron Manufacture of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps.
Cross-Western Design and manufacture of plastic extrusion products.
Molykem Sales of water treatment chemicals and equipment.
Cin Yea Manufacture of chemicals for water treatment.
Yue Jenging Manufacture of Flap Wheel, Flap Thread Wheel and Abrasive Cloth Roll.
Form-Speed Manufacture of screws.
Sunlit Manufacture of screws.
Aero-Fast The Sale of Fasteners and Mechanical parts.
Hsia Ta Manufacture of Screws.
Liang Chyuan Manufacture of nails.
Homade Manufacture of metal nails, screws and hardware.
Kurita Sales of water treatment chemicals.
Yng Hsin Manufacture of plastic extrusion products.
Flamingo Design and manufacture of aromatic products.
Yong Jin Provision of plating process of metals.
Totai Surface Treatment and plating of computer telecommunications equipment, electronic parts, metallic parts and auto/aeronautic parts.
Lien Sheuan Design and production of molds.
Han Chun The design and manufacture of gears, reinforcing bar rolls, node rolls, bearings and metal parts.
Ever Design and manufacture of connector (terminal, housing and wafer).
Shaw Guang Manufacturing and Assembly of Fastener Nuts.
Chyi Yis Manufacture of U-Nuts, T-Nuts, Soldering Nuts, Special Nuts & Rivets.
Shing Chii Chang Manufacture of stamping parts for electronics, electric appliances, computers, automobiles, motorcycles, machines and related accessories.
President Manufacture and Sale of Paper Cups and Boxes.
Fu Hong Manufacture and design of hot melt adhesive.
MEI-I The production of polyethylene automatic tying tape, polypropylene split yarn and polypropylene wrapping tape.
Lin Yu Manufacture of metal, particular nut and hardware.
NEYFUH Manufacture of machinery parts and electronic components.
Juh Jiang Manufacture of casting products.
Herng Shan Manufacture of automotive and motorcycle capacitive discharged ignition unit, rectifying regulator; Design and manufacture of brushless/DC motor controller.
An Jarl Manufacture of plastic injection and extrusion products.
Beshine The manufacture of ferric chloride, ferrous chloride, ferric sulfate and cement copper.
Jiun Yeow Manufacture and exporting business of textiles and various fabrics.
Jan Chern Manufacture of Plastic injection products, including computer peripherals, office appliances, and over-molded covers.
Hsu-Sheng Manufacture of Wiring Set.
Kuan Pao Manufacture of rubber and silicon gel products for bicycle, automotive and mechanical parts.
Al-Pro Sales of screw, nut , bolt, washer, nail and aluminum extrusion.