Supplier Audit

The company based in Taiwan, Looking Asia, one in a professional and extensive experience in auditing and certification, providing audit services meet the business operation. Audit services to chain of retail outlets, numerous supplier automobiles and motorcycles industry (or similar industry) and concealed health hazards of food industry (food supply chain). Can also be ordered with integrated customer policies, systems and management culture audit system, providing audit and inspection throughout Asia, For Taiwan, China or Asia audit and inspection services please contact our office.

The following styles of audit may be provided:

  • A pro-active, planned and structured audit against a pre-determined protocol
  • An incident investigation, which is responsive and focused on a particular aspect of operational risk management

Scheduling flexibility for customers to form a highly trained and highly competent team that covers over Taiwan or China, the resource can be flexed to respond to customer needs.

Audits are normally recorded and reported to facilitate the owners to grasp the status and longer-term strategic business decisions.