Supplier Management from Taiwan

Are your supplier from Taiwan? China? or Asia? Or are you looking for a supplier in Taiwan? Or manage your Taiwan suppliers? Please consider our “Supplier Management” service that Let you raise your hand for the grip on thousands of miles away; We serve you locally in Taiwan, have no language barriers, and have extensive experience in production management quality verification;

We manage your Taiwan suppliers through on-site audits, assessments and counseling and requirements to achieve the goal of improving supplier delivery quality;

International trade liberalization, suffered the threat of competition from around the world, Industry and market demand for quality continues to upgrade, suppliers delivery quality and delivery capabilities directly affect the product quality of the enterprise itself, capacity and cost, resulting in the importance of supplier management should not be ignored; However, supplier management process, mixed with many technical issues, management issues, personnel issues, they not be completely dependent on ISO certified of their owners; Now, you can supplier management commissioned the company to complete the work, for professional evaluation, and audit activities, so you really grasp the vendor’s operating status, availability, quality and delivery.

We are the trustee you trust, you can entrust us to find the right supplier, audit the supplier’s current status, ability, quality; management, coaching, requirements, and make the supplier meet your requirements;

The company’s director of auditing experience with more than a decade, the audit evaluation experienced, providing enterprises and suppliers to grow and progress, creating a win-win between the competitiveness of enterprises and suppliers.

In all industries, suppliers play an important role, especially in the product key components from suppliers or the majority of parts from parts suppliers, this important role not only affect the product quality, but also affect the company’s development.

Openness to international trade, suffered from the global competitive pressures, so that we could not stay aloof, ready to face the threat of elimination; When we want to enhance product quality, reduce costs, or to develop more competitive products, you will find limited to with the supplier’s degree or ability; Of course, will affect their competitiveness and development.

Through these problems can be sure that your business need 「Supplier Management」:

  • Does your company’s key components, parts, or most parts from suppliers?
  • Supplier delivery quality whether to cause stop the production line or extend working hours?
  • Is often the cause of customer complaint issue from the supplier problems?
  • Your Company purchases raw materials or components are accounted for the volume of business of the supplier of more than 20%?
  • Do you intent to enhance product quality?
  • Your Company’s supplier from Taiwan, China or Asia?

These problems, the Company if more than four questions is yes, welcome to contact me.

Supplier management services provided by the Company is divided into 「Supplier assessment」and 「Supplier audits」.